Fashion sensitive makes her become a pop clothing designer

It is learned that Sophie learned dance since childhood, temper her just outside the soft personality, 20-year-old, she used her own dance skills and organizational skills to earn the first 200,000 in life, the pursuit of her dreams After finishing the management degree, despite the opposition of her parents, she went on to further her studies in Tsinghua University.

Confident and talented Sophie had done dancer, host, editor, food critic, IT company executives, successful planning, performing countless activities, she likes all the good things, keen fashion aesthetic makes her Easily cross-border fashion industry, a designer brand “Ming three o’clock” partner.

In addition, the love of food, dance, quality of life-conscious Sophie also love sports, running has become her daily life, she said: running is just a way of life, for me to run and eat Just as there is no profound philosophy, it is merely a movement to dialogue and confrontation with oneself in a repetitive movement, a healthy way of life that can be well thought out by the way, and also be alone with the music world Best way.

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