My dress in fall

As a fair little fairy, a variety of dresses certainly occupy half of your closet, use it to fall with a variety of jackets is a lot of it girl’s favorite match, it seems that everyone can control With the omnipotent formula, want to wear more fashionable than others or need a little care machine.

Will wear a star cousin Liu Wen PO out of a group of dress + tooling jacket with photos, have you brought some inspiration to wear? The same style with a different style is really stylish!

As a take in the dress with the jacket with a large proportion, if the dress is taken in the long style, must follow the ankle “heart machine” guidelines, this is not only the trend of the popular, sexy Not only the ankle was significantly thinner, the overall shape can play a finishing touch.

If it is and the elegant style of the dress, it must pay attention to select the slits of the shape, revealing the entire calf lines, easy to show mature modern girl course, even the suit draped over the body, but also the beauty of capital style beauty .

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