Designer dresses worn by women pop stars

Wool rough texture, but warm, soft, warm, but also to give you the shape to add an elegant sense of vintage, with more is not bother to mind, those who upload your wardrobe all-around control, we take a look at the woolen dress This little single in the end how to wear.

Liu poetry comes with elegant atmosphere of the gas field, put on woolen skirt suit is elegant × 2. Woven black and white grid pattern simple simple look, but also both the warmth effect, the United States simply foul.

Variety style Yang Mi will not let go of the woolen dress This is a good wear of single product, even the clothes woolen skirts and woolen skirts she all through, but as to which shape is more beautiful, coco can only say no Phase up and down.

Zhou Xun is also a fan of woolen skirts, but she chooses the style of woolen skirts, but also to her body. The beautiful glow is probably like this.

Long-sleeved shirt dress also fits girls

In recent years, relaxed version of her boyfriend wind shirt, jeans, girls in addition to stealing boyfriend shirt to wear, save a coat, but also with her boyfriend to wear lovers, it is really good! One! In addition to a set of shirts is very easy to go out on a set, but also allow girls to wear out of another more neutral style, both handsome and sexy, super attractive ah!

One-piece shirt with a length of the knee plus strap design to show the waist, a more neat feel, compared to the relaxed version of the one-piece shirt more feminine, but not too sweet tonight Dating want her boyfriend amazing words, wear it definitely not wrong!

Long-sleeved windbreaker shirt dress is showing another kind of intellectual femininity, with a pair of army boots is very autumn feeling!

Color dress is the most popular single product in this autumn

Autumn temperature difference between day and night, in the early morning and evening when the temperature will be low, and even at noon even more than the summer heat, in the face of such seasonal features, clothing wear take the need to keep warm and stylish, and easy to wear off to meet Demand during the day when temperatures rise.

The fall in temperature gradually decreased, coupled with large temperature difference between day and night, that is, wearing a skirt and warm, you can consider the way with the autumn fold to dress style more eye-catching, more intellectual and gentle.

Shirt dress to wear in the fall, one can get with the demand, especially the long section design, both the role of warmth, but also demonstrated a chic temperament, ladies and girls quiet small fresh show most vividly, the basic solid color or Classic stripe printing, interpretation of the natural charm of autumn.

Fan Bingbing’s Special Dress Style

On October 23, Fan Bingbing fans took a photo of Fan Bingbing at the microblogging event. Fan Bingbing wore a pink dress and a gray sun hat, looking like a goddess.

Fan Bingbing bold, optimistic and cheerful, was dubbed the “Fan Ye”, but in fact she collected dolls in life, go to theaters only to see animation, so pink is her favorite.

Fan Bingbing site signature, finger pigeon egg diamond ring flash blind, it is learned that this nearly 20 carat diamond ring is Li Chen courtesy sent this year, she and Li Chen finally built into a positive fruit, but also won the film laurel, can be described as double happiness.

My dress in fall

As a fair little fairy, a variety of dresses certainly occupy half of your closet, use it to fall with a variety of jackets is a lot of it girl’s favorite match, it seems that everyone can control With the omnipotent formula, want to wear more fashionable than others or need a little care machine.

Will wear a star cousin Liu Wen PO out of a group of dress + tooling jacket with photos, have you brought some inspiration to wear? The same style with a different style is really stylish!

As a take in the dress with the jacket with a large proportion, if the dress is taken in the long style, must follow the ankle “heart machine” guidelines, this is not only the trend of the popular, sexy Not only the ankle was significantly thinner, the overall shape can play a finishing touch.

If it is and the elegant style of the dress, it must pay attention to select the slits of the shape, revealing the entire calf lines, easy to show mature modern girl course, even the suit draped over the body, but also the beauty of capital style beauty .

Different dress style on wedding ceremony

Dress in a variety of styles known as the “Queen of fashion,” is unpredictable, the most varied, most popular. Flats not only elegant style, and both quality and appearance, has introduced a new design, has become the first choice for people to work and shop. It has a ladylike gentle, but also has a comfortable lazy.

Flat shoes with a dress called spring and summer the most common out of the street shape, no doubt, this group of beautiful and effortless concave shape of the mix and match routines has become a star of all kinds of heart good, have shown us the skirt + shoes N kinds of open ways.

To say these two days the hottest news, that is probably followed by our entire youth Song Hye Kyo finally married, she married really love her her husband Song Zhongji, but as a wedding guest Zhang Ziyi also Inexplicably on the hot search, it is because Zhang Ziyi international range of children, even if it is to South Korea is c bit treatment, the international Chapter Zhang Mei, fashion tastes are even more lose, no matter what kind of clothes are unable to cover her noble temperament.

Fashion sensitive makes her become a pop clothing designer

It is learned that Sophie learned dance since childhood, temper her just outside the soft personality, 20-year-old, she used her own dance skills and organizational skills to earn the first 200,000 in life, the pursuit of her dreams After finishing the management degree, despite the opposition of her parents, she went on to further her studies in Tsinghua University.

Confident and talented Sophie had done dancer, host, editor, food critic, IT company executives, successful planning, performing countless activities, she likes all the good things, keen fashion aesthetic makes her Easily cross-border fashion industry, a designer brand “Ming three o’clock” partner.

In addition, the love of food, dance, quality of life-conscious Sophie also love sports, running has become her daily life, she said: running is just a way of life, for me to run and eat Just as there is no profound philosophy, it is merely a movement to dialogue and confrontation with oneself in a repetitive movement, a healthy way of life that can be well thought out by the way, and also be alone with the music world Best way.

Herve Leger recently dismissed its UK operations chief

Following John Galliano, a newborn child appeared to be expelled without speaking through the brain. Herve Leger, a French fashion label that has become known internationally for her sexy intimate bandage dress, recently fired his UK Operations Director. The reason is that the small main brain is too short and has published slanderous discourse against the vast majority of women to see what he said in the end.

BCBG Max Azria announces that Patrick Couderc, Herve Leger’s UK Head of Operations, has been expelled. Patrick Couderc, in an interview with a British newspaper, said it was full-bodied and women with big breasts and buttocks should avoid wearing Herve Leger’s designs. What, no mistake, right? He forgot a big deadly loyalty tight skirt but Jupiter proud Kim sister Kim Kardashian! He said: “If you are a lesbian and wear only pants in your life, then you really do not want to buy Herve Leger dresses, and lesbians should wear something casual.”

Brands also said a few years ago, “Now the models are too thin, very bad! On the contrary, those familiar with the older generation of supermodels, such as Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford are still vibrant, charming smile.” It seems that Hervé Léger wants all women to have the same logo as Miranda Kerr. OMG! Women have not asked men are eight packs of it yet. It is indeed an outrage at this thorough stand of men to judge the attitude of women in a commanding manner. Please Uncle, we do not accept it.